What does your web host have to do with your SEO?

This might be a surprise to you! But yes, web hosting has a considerable impact on where in search engine results, crawlers decide to place your website. Here are two important effects that hosting has on your SEO visibility: Loading speed Among the various factors of an algorithm that Search Engines prioritize while deciding on […]


Five Best Open Source Control Panels for Servers

As owners of websites will confide, it is very difficult to manage multiple websites without the help of a control panel. Today, the tide is turning in favor of open source control panel for servers. Presently, many web hosting control panels are available for hosting multiple websites on VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Dedicated Servers. […]


Creating Database in Centos Web Panel

In this article, we will be explaining to you about creating the new database and user. A user can create the database using root or user login. Related Blog: Five Best Open Source Control Panels for Servers 1) Log in to your account (http://your-server-ip:2030) using root details. 2) Navigate to SQL Services –> MySQL Manager and on the top, you […]


Setting up User account and Domain in Centos Web Panel

  In this article, we will be explaining you about setting up the new user account along with the domain name in Centos Web Pane Navigate to User Accounts –> New Account and fill out the information (kindly do not enter ‘www’ in front of the domain name). Click create and your new user account and domain […]


Different Types of Web Hosting Services – Host IT Smart

Today, the Internet has become an all-pervasive medium and extends to all corners of the globe. The mainstay of the Internet is the various websites that provide information to its users. However, all websites and blogs on the Internet require hosting, which actually depends upon a number of factors. Today, the most common types of […]


Which hosting is best Linux or Windows?

There are various Operating Systems for web hosting servers. Two most popular, widely used various Operating Systems are Linux and Windows. This is the first decision you must make when ordering web hosting and what kind of site you are building will decide which of these two best fits your needs. However, pertaining to these […]