Different Types of Web Hosting Services – Host IT Smart

Introduction Today, the Internet has become an all pervasive medium and extends to all corners of the globe. The mainstay of the Internet is the various websites that provide information to its users. However, all websites and blogs on the Internet require hosting, which actually depends upon a number of factors. Today, the most common […]


Which hosting is best Linux or Windows?

There are various Operating Systems for Web Hosting Servers. Two most popular, widely used various Operating Systems are Linux and Windows. This is the first decision you must make when ordering Web hosting and what kind of site you are building will decide which of these two best fits your needs. However, pertaining to these […]


7 Factors To Consider Before You Choose Web Hosting Company

As the August sets in and we enter into the second quarter of 2015, here are some crucial questions to you? Do you have a robust business plan? Are you Planning to go Online with your new business product or service? Are you launching a Website? Have you purchased a web host to launch your […]


GTLD? What’s that stuff? And why do I need it? by Host IT Smart

There is a whole new aura about it and although GTLD’s have not yet been adequately promoted in the market, they are very much there, burning pockets deeper than conventional TLD’s do. Demand for GTLD’s is escalating high and there is a valid reason for it; despite the extra bucks that they claim. So what […]