Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Got domain name but now what? Here web hosting comes in the picture. In simple words, we can say that web hosting is the bridge and filling the gap between the website and worldwide internet. The world is taking steps towards Digitalization and people are showing interest by getting updated. In the past decade, Internet […]


Domains – Facts, Concepts and Myths

Domain names and online businesses are such a buzz nowadays, that you would almost act an odd- man out if you do not have one! Most of us end up thinking that domains are plain names with a ‘www.’ prefix and a ‘.com’ suffix; that need to mandatorily identify with the business name. Nothing could […]

Dedicated Server

What is Dedicated Server? Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting.

Big businesses, frequented e-commerce websites and portals that entertain a large number of consumer requests daily have distinct technical requirements than do start-ups and mid-sized enterprises. And all these different technicalities play a pivotal role in deciding the degree of success that these websites would witness in months and years of operation. Server and hosting […]

Am I at loss without a website

Am I at loss without a website?

Precisely, not much! Just a few thousand more customers each day, all the 365 days of the year and practically no customers for at least 52 days in a year (assuming that you enjoy your Sunday siesta). While a website does not guarantee a 1000% more sale, it definitely guarantees the owner a 1000% more […]


Understanding and Simplifying your Web Hosting Requirements

In the profusion of web hosting service providers and complex matrix of technical specifications available in this field, segregating the right service provider is reaching out the halfway mark. The other half is covered effortlessly with consultation and expertise of the service provider. Host IT Smart takes the ownership of your web requirements and provides […]


Website safety with secure hosting

Website security issues can bring your online productivity to a halt for an extended duration of time. Spammers, hackers and web nuisance stay in look for good websites with heavy amounts of traffic to be a little less safety conscious and hit at the weakest point. Till you pay them what they ask for, your […]


What does your web host have to do with your SEO?

This might be a surprise to you! But yes, web hosting has a considerable impact on where in search engine results, crawlers decide to place your website. Here are two important effects that hosting has on your SEO visibility: Loading speed Among the various factors of an algorithm that Search Engines prioritize while deciding on […]


Five Best Open Source Control Panels for Servers

As owners of websites will confide, it is very difficult to manage multiple websites without the help of a control panel. Today, the tide is turning in favor of open source control panel for servers. Presently, many web hosting control panels are available for hosting multiple websites on VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Dedicated Servers. […]